You as a shareholder can here submit your notification or send a digital postal vote for the general meetings of the companies that has chosen Euroclear Sweden as a service provider.

To submit a notification to a meeting please click on the link "Notification" below, due to the current pandemic all companies don't offer physical attendance at the meetings, the meeting is instead conducted only by so called Postal voting whereby a separate notification isn't required.

To be able to submit your postal vote you must first identify yourself through BankID. Once this has been done, the link "Digital postal vote" will be enabled for each company in the list below. At the following page you will be able to submit a vote for each item on the agenda where a proposal for resolution has been included in the proposed agenda for the general meeting. You are always able to log in again and update your postal vote up until and during the last day to cast your vote or withdraw your postal vote entirely. This procedure can also be used by a proxyholder representing one or several other shareholders.

If you do not have BankID, a postal voting form can be downloaded. You then fill in, print, sign and send the form to the company either by mail or e-mail. The postal- and e-mail address can be found in the form.

Exeger Sweden AB (publ)NoticeNotificationForm for printingDigital postal vote
Annual General MeetingMeeting: 30 Jun 2022Deadline notification: 23 Jun 2022Deadline postal vote: 23 Jun 2022
Momentum Software Group AB (publ)NoticePostal voting onlyForm for printingDigital postal vote
Extraordinary General MeetingMeeting: 7 Jul 2022 Deadline postal vote: 6 Jul 2022